Huda Beauty Lip Trio Review

Hello everyone! Today we will review a beautiful makeup kit; Huda Beauty 3 lip set!

Huda beauty products have been attracting my attention for a long time. The eyeshadow palettes, which have many products, are also very famous, but the lip products attracted my attention more. Maybe it’s because more lipsticks are on sale at Sephora :).

What’s In The Set?

Let’s see what’s in the set.

– 1 mini size lip pencil

– 1 original size lipstick

– 1 mini size liquid matte lipstick

The set has a very nice content for lip makeup. Especially since liquid products last longer, I really liked that they kept it in mini size and presented the normal lipstick in original size.

Pinky Brown Lip Liner

The texture is not too soft, not too hard, we can say that it is medium. A very nice lip liner that can match any makeup. We can say that the color is a bit lighter than the other products in the set, and it contains a little bit of orange. Apart from being compatible with the products in the set, it can be used both plainly and with light colored lip glosses. I quite liked it.

Interview Power Bullet Matte Lipstick

A very nice lipstick. I really liked it both in terms of color and structure. Its structure seems to be delicate, I try to be careful so that it does not break while driving :). In terms of color, I can say that it is a color closer to a lip pencil, with a brown-pink undertone, but at the same time it contains a very slight orangeness. Although the lipstick is matte, it glides like oil on the lips. When you apply the lipstick, it immediately gives its color in a thin layer, it never feels heavy and does not dry out the lips. Also, its durability is very good, even though I ate and drank all day long, I liked its performance quite a bit.

Bombshell Matte Liquid Lipstick

This time, they added the matte liquid version of the lipstick to the set as a mini size. Perfectly suitable for use in the bag! The structure is still very good; the texture is nice. No sticky feeling, which is my favorite feature in these liquid lipsticks. Although it is small in size, I think it will last for a long time since it is a liquid product. The permanence of the liquid matte lipstick was also good, but I should mention that the color can get darker as the hours pass. Again, a color that can adapt to many make-ups, this time I can say exactly with brown-pink undertones. It’s a bit darker than the Interview color, but it’s also very pretty.

In order for you to see the colors more clearly, I am attaching the image where they are all together.

Do You Recommend Huda Beauty Lip Makeup Set?

Yes! I really liked the products both in terms of color and structure. It looks like they won’t fall out of my hands for a long time :).

In the meantime, I tried to explain the colors of the lipsticks as I saw them on my own lips. Everyone’s main lip color is different, in fact, the same lipstick can look different on different people. That’s why you should try the products before you buy!

The product is sold at Sephora for 729 TL. It was 579 when I bought it and since I had a discount, I bought it for a price of 500 TL. It seems a bit expensive, but the set looks more advantageous because the matte lipsticks in Huda Beauty’s Power Bullet series are 649 TL (it was 469 TL when I bought it!). We can also pamper ourselves in the meantime :). What do you think?

Stay Beautiful!

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