Maya Bozcaada, which is one of the unique vineyard restaurant in Bozcaada, offers delicious homemade food. You can find our real July 2020 Maya Bozcaada experience in this article.

It was a place we have been wondering about for a long time. We had the opportunity to visit in 2020 during the pandemic period. First of all, we should say that you cannot go to Maya Bozcaada without a reservation.

Since it is a very popular place, we recommend that you make your reservation at least 1 week in advance. They are calling to confirm whether you will arrive on the morning of the reservation day. We made a reservation at 19.30 because the service was ending a little earlier, at 23.30, due to the pandemic, they gave us this information and they said it would be better for you if you come early and our daytime view is also very enjoyable.

Maya Bozcaada

Maya Bozcaada is located right next to the American fountain on the way to sunset. You are actually going to dinner in a vineyard house. We loved the place, it offers an evening dining experience under the trees and lights, with a view of the vineyard. There is live music on some evenings, but it didn’t happen to us, maybe they stopped this practice during the pandemic period.

When we sit at our table reserved for us, the attendant first comes to say hello and talks about what will come to the table and how they are done. Then he immediately leaves the homemade wine on the table. Maya Bozcaada works in a fixed menu style and the wine is served unlimitedly. Our friend who drinks wine stated that the wine is very successful, for your information :).

Homemade wine of Maya Bozcaada

Let the flavor journey begin!

Our meal started with the cheeses. 6 types of cheese came to the table and they were all homemade by Maya Bozcaada. Cheeses were really delicious. We had a good start to the meal.

Subsequently, tomato with pesto sauce, tomato artichoke, abugannus and hummus appetizers came. Appetizers were very delicious. Among these appetizers, we especially loved hummus. Normally hummus never had a bitter taste, it was extremely tasty. We even asked hummus again, after saying it 5-6 times, we reached our goal. Even though the second hummus portion is very small, we didn’t get stuck in it because it tastes perfect :).

Homemade cheeses of Maya Bozcaada

Art of Meat

We continued with a great smoked meat. Normally, such products leave a strange layer of fat on the palate when eating, but this did not happen with this meat and the taste was legendary. We, who do not prefer such products, ate smoked meat very fondly. A cheese roll wrapped in zucchini was served. We decided it was the most unnecessary item on the menu during the day.

Smoked meat of Maya Bozcaada

Potatoes with yoghurt, artichoke with mastic and dried beans appetizers were offered. Artichoke with mastic was a different taste and was very nice.


After the appetizers, meat service was started. First, one meat pie and meatballs came, they taste good. Then steak or entrecote was served according to our choices. We can comment on both options, as there are people on our table who buy both options. The meats tasted very good, but we think the tenderloin was a click more delicious than the entrecote. French fries came with the meat. Potatoes were nice, but they came to a small table for 4 people and were not served although we asked for it again.

Delicious Meats

Sometimes, the owner of Maya, Selçuk Bey, would come to the tables and ask if you were full and would you like extra meat. Sorry, he didn’t ask us :). If he had asked, we would have forced ourselves to eat because the meat is so good, but we were already full in general. You are already saturated with the products that have arrived so far.

A sweet finish!

At the last stage of the meal, we move on to the dessert part. We ended the meal with pumpkin cheesecake and a pudding dessert. Our favorite dessert is pumpkin cheesecake. It was very different and very beautiful. We can say that the taste remained in our palate. By the way, we wouldn’t be exaggerating if we say that cheesecake also came with a thickness of 1mm. In fact, someone wrote a comment on this subject on the internet, so that you can see the back of the cheesecake if you shine the sun… The author is right, we agreed with this comment and laughed a lot :).

Mr. Selçuk stopped by our table towards the end of the day and asked if we were satisfied, we stated that we were very pleased and we took the opportunity to ask for cheesecake when Selçuk had found him, and then our thin cheesecake came again :).

Excellent Desserts


When we evaluated our dinner night at Maya Bozcaada, everyone left the table happy. We are quite satisfied with everything. We can say that the only criticism on the menu is about salad. In our opinion, what was missing from the menu was the salad and it should have been in the menu. Apart from that, we enjoyed the products we ate. Regarding the price, Maya Bozcaada offers a fixed menu and the menu with alcohol is 290 TL, and the menu without alcohol is 250 TL. Another detail we like is that they make a without alcohol option.

We wanted to write this article for all of you who are hesitant about going to Maya Bozcaada. If we were asked would you like to go again, it became a place where we would definitely say yes. We hope you will leave satisfied like us.

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Bon appetit to all of you already!


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