Burberry Full Kisses & Burberry Kisses Lip Lacquer

Hello everyone!! We start the new year with a beauty article, saying that the new year will bring new beauties to all of us :).

Our beauty today comes from Burberry Beauty. I don’t know if you have used Burberry’s makeup products, but they are really beautiful. I met Burberry make-up materials thanks to a matte lipstick series (Burberry Lip Velvet) released years ago. The price was very reasonable at that time, how could I not have bought the whole series! Now I’m banging my head against the walls :(. These days, my love for Burberry lipsticks resurfaced and I decided to buy new pretty ones.

Burberry Kisses 533 Rosewood
Burberry Kisses Lip Lacquer No:16 Rosewood

Let’s See What Did I Get?

The first lipstick I bought is Rosewood number 533 from the Burberry Full Kisses series. The packaging is beautiful, shiny. The appearance of the lipstick looks like a pen, it can be opened by twisting it from the bottom. The pigment is very good, it gives its color in the first use. A color with orange-brown undertones, suitable for daily use. The texture of the lipstick is very nice, it glides like oil on the lips. At the same time, it does not dry out the lips and leaves a moist appearance.

The second lipstick I bought is a liquid lipstick from the Burberry Kisses series. The number of the lipstick is 16 and the name is Rosewood :). Although their names are the same, their colors are completely different due to the series difference. While 533 Rosewood has an orange-brown undertone, No:16 Rosewood appears as a lipstick with a direct pink undertone. We can even say that No:16 Rosewood is a wonderful dry rose color. A color that can suit many make-ups and combinations. The lipstick is not matte and leaves a wet look because it is liquid, besides, it never leaves a sticky feeling on the lips. So this is what we want in liquid lipsticks :).

Are Burberry Lipsticks Permanent?

In terms of durability, Burberry lipsticks don’t stay for hours or stick to your lips like matte-permanent lipsticks on the market, of course, but the permanence is pretty good, it doesn’t disappear immediately, I can say that it lasts for a very long time. Frankly, I do not like permanent lipsticks that stick to the lips and never come off. Sometimes the texture is slippery or the color is not evenly distributed all over, so I don’t prefer it much. Therefore, Burberry lipsticks are in my favorite lipstick category. I was very pleased with the staying time of the two lipsticks I bought.

Do You Recommend Burberry Make-up Products?

Definitely yes :). I’ve only used Burberry’s lipsticks so far and I’ve been incredibly pleased. Actually, I would love to experience their other products, but the economy has collapsed :(. I don’t think I will be able to buy any product from Burberry anymore. These products seem like my last Burberry purchase, I hope I’m wrong!

Where Can I Find Burberry Beauty Products?

In our country, you can find Burberry’s make-up products at Burberry and Beymen stores. I bought my lipsticks from Beymen, there may be some campaigns in the meantime, it is useful to follow. By the way, when I was buying the products, the prices were much more affordable, then the price hikes came one after the other, and in its current form, Burberry Full Kisses series is offered for sale at 319 TL and Burberry Kisses Lip Lacquer series for 579 TL at Beymen. Burberry Lip Velvet series, one of my favorite series, is offered for sale at 538 TL and the newly released Burberry Kisses Reno series for 641 TL. By the way, lipsticks are more affordable on Burberry’s site, you can order directly from their site ;).

Stay Beautiful!

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