Hello everyone, our block is very new! We would like to share with you many experiences of our journey in life. When the blog owners become women, the beauty part is automatically added to the site :).

Our first product is the 02 cream eyeshadow in Givenchy’s ombre couture series. 
The eyeshadow is soft and easy to apply with finger. The glitters are fixed in the moment you apply and do not drop on your face; so will not be a disco ball :). Givenchy promises 16hr hold and water resistance with this product. I tried it in Sephora before I got, and of course I didn’t buy in the same day. Because I should have tested its performance. This cute little eyeshadow has passed the test (it really stays for hours as promised) and now it’s with me.

Givenchy Ombre Couture Series Offer 12 Different Colours!

There are 12 colors in the series but I am not sure if each color is available in Turkey. I had difficulty while choosing eyeshadow and I remained in two products; 02 beige mousseline and 03 rose dentelle. 02 beige mousseline color is a very beautiful eyeshadow that contains tiny sparkles in quite natural. Glows of the product attracted me and I suddenly bought it. It gives luminous, but I think it doesn’t exaggerate because its main color is a soft one. Some may think it is much for them, so I recommend you try it.

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How Much?

Its price is 193 TL. I used Sephora’s 50 percent discount and paid only 96.5 TL. This may seem expensive to you, also I thought whether it is worth it or not. Considering that a mac eyeshadow is between 80-90 TL, this eyeshadow was a little bit expensive and it was different from many eyeshadows so far, and it stands out from its competitors. 

After a lot of decisions in my head, I decided to buy it and I’m glad I got it :). Because every time when I apply this light, I get many compliments :). Based on these compliments, I can say that the glitter in the eyeshadow looks very nice and deserves the money paid to the end. I also apply the shadow without using any base, in its pure form; which gives it extra points :).

This is my favourite make up product since I took it. 02 beige mousseline color stands great, especially for spring and summer, I strongly advice you to try it. If you have colored eyes you may also like the different colors. Eventually, try Givenchy ombre couture series (of course in the discount season, this is important :))), most probably you’ll want to buy it after trying it. Wish you use it in good times :).

Feel the beauty!

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