Chloe’ Nomade Perfume Review

Hello everyone! New Year has come; First of all, we wish everyone a happy and brilliant year :). Let it be a great year to realize your dreams with big smiles!

We wanted to make a great start to the year 2020 with fragrant. This article is coming for those who love perfumes very much and those who say that I will not go out without using perfume.

The leading actor of our first perfume article is ‘Chloe’ Nomade Edp’. The perfume Nomade, launched by Chloe’ in 2018, has aroused interest in many people. The fragrances of Chloe’ brand are generally soapy, fresh and floral fragrances that create a clean sense in general. It is among the perfume brands that stand out with its permanence. This perfume sets aside traditional impressions and creates a whole new fragrance.

Content of the Perfume

If we look at the content of perfume;

Top notes: Mirabelle Plum, Bergamot, Lemon, Orange

Middle Notes: Freesia, Jasmine, Peach, Rose

Base Notes: Oak Wood Moss, Amber Tree, Patchouli, Sandalwood, White Musk

When you open the perfume, you certainly feel the fruity blend in the top notes clearly and this effect makes you happy. In particular, we think that the mirabelle plum in the top note is more dominant. The floral aromas of the middle note add freshness to the perfume, especially freesia; but we think that peach is more dominant there.

The soft, woody notes on the bottom are pretty good. Most of the perfumes that we like are usually patchouli, sandalwood and musk, and this perfume also has them, so it may have attracted us extra.

The impression that perfume has left us in general terms is that it moves between sugar and woody. Don’t look at what we call sugary, it is not a sweet sugary fragrance, but rather fresh and different from many perfumes on the market. We have absolutely loved Nomade and found it different. Although Chloe’s perfumes are often soapy and clean, Nomade breaks this cliché in a good way.

How is Chloe Nomade Edp’s Permanence?

We think that perfume permanence is very important. Perfumes are not sold in our country at a very reasonable price and we want our favorite scents to stay with us for a long time. Chloe Nomade is pretty good about permanence. The effect of the odor continues throughout the day. We squeeze the perfume in the morning, even when we go to meet friends in the evening, people still say you smell great and that makes us happy :).

We would especially like to give you a little hint that when Chloe’s perfumes are sprayed on the hair, it definitely stays longer, at least that’s how we observe it. In addition, the Chloe Nomade fragrance fulfills its promises and is accompanied by all the notes it contains. We appreciate Chloe in this respect.

In short, the Nomade perfume, which brings a different breath to the traditional Chloe perfumes, is passed by us. We see it as a perfume that can be used especially in spring and summer periods. If you are looking for a different perfume, we recommend that you give Chloe Nomade a chance. Of course, you must first try the perfume, wait a few hours and test the effect on your skin.

Fragrant years to everyone:)


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