Do you want to learn about the criminals gnawing your brain?

The answer is in the book GRAIN BRAIN written by David Perlmutter

The holidays we have gone to make the journey of life pleasant, the environments we socialize, the innovations we discovered and the celebrations are meaningful only when we feel healthy and energetic. Since the year 2010, the second brain is the gut and the importance of proper nutrition for physical and mental health is supported by many researches. As a matter of fact, I had a diagnosis of chronic ulcerative colitis in 2007, but in 2017 I defeated this desease mostly by nutrition besides medication. In this way, I have verified the reliability of the research myself. However, doctors said that this disease, which prepares the ground for cancer, has no relation with nutrition.

When I saw how much my quality of life was increased, listening my body and feeding accordingly were become indispensable for me. I would like to mention that my migraine headaches, which I could not resist without medication, were stopped when I was fed more strictly, completely gluten-free and without sugar. Although I have been criticized by people around me because of my food preferences, when I read the books such as ‘Grain Brain’, I am thankfull that this disease has found me and I have gained the consciousness of separating the right food!

What Dr. David Perlmutter says?

Dr. David Perlmutter describes the destructive effects of gluten and sugar in the brain and explains the brain link with gut in the Grain Brain book. It is seen that diseases like Alzheimer, depression, migraine, ALS etc. are largely non-genetic, related to mis-nutrition, and can be defeated by gluten-sugar free recipes. Also, there are many healthy and delicious recipes in the book. In addition to the nutrition, it is emphasized that less exercise triggers inflammation and stress should be avoided. So while nutrition is a big part of the picture, we cannot completely ignore other factors.

According to the one of the prominent research outcomes is that; Alzheimer’s and brain volume loss is lower rates in people with high cholesterol and it is higher rates in people with diabetes. This result proves that the brain’s fuel is healthy fats, not sugar. While it is known that a whole-grain slice of bread containing gluten and which is promoted as healthy to us is raising more blood sugar than refined sugar, consuming these products means choosing a kind of slow suicide.

I’m hearing you say that ‘But, healthy foods are so tasteless’, this is quite normal! I was thinking the same way before I searched for alternatives and found the best ones. I will write about the details of this journey in the future.

Don’t be late!

For those who do not feel any discomfort despite their unhealthy nutrition, these details may seem very meaningless. Even if I didn’t experience it in the recent past, maybe I could continue to feed in the same way. But our body responses are different and I think we should do our best to avoid a health problem that has come to the last stage without giving any signal. Reading and reading the ‘Grain Brain’ book may be the first step in changing your life in a good way.

I wish everyone a good, energetic and healthy life.

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