We find the best restaurant nearby Parma University area from mobile applications, and we have an excellent meal with the right choice.

We chose Trattoria Corrieri, located in the conservaterio street, just across the University of Parma’s Faculty of Law and Politics (Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza, University of Studi Politici and Internazionali University). This is the restaurant where the local flavors are very well done and the prices are average. When we get in, we see that each table is full although the inner place is quite large. The delicious taste of the dishes is seen from the pleasant conversations of people. After waiting 5-10 minutes we finally find an available table.

After looking at the menu and receiving suggestions from the staff, we want parmesan cheese as a starter. Since we’re so hungry, we finish the big piece of parmesan cheese and the crispy bread without taking any pictures. We don’t normally love the parmesan cheese much, but it’s really different and delicious here. Then we order mushroomed pasta and risotto with cheese. The pasta with mushrooms was better than the similar ones. But the mash-like cheese risotto was excellent in its intensity and taste.

This is the only meal we have here,so we should try a dessert. As tiramisu lovers, we order a perfect tiramisu that is difficult to describe. The portion of Tiramisu was quite large, did not contain alcohol and the sugar taste was ideal. We still haven’t eaten any better one. That’s why we can say that the best tiramisu is eaten in Trattoria Corrier. We strongly recommend you to try this restaurant in Parma.

Enjoy your meal!

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