We planned to visit our Estonian friend’s country house in the last day. We admired the nature of this place, the meeting of the forest and the sea, the serenity. Great place for those who want to relax. As we have already mentioned, local people living in the city mostly have country houses in the forest 1,5 hours away from Tallinn, or they usually buy a land and build house for weekend breaks.

We passed through many villages on the way to the country house with a trip that lasted about 1.5 hours. Unlike our Black Sea region, this place has a flat structure and does not have mountains rising right next to the sea. The country house we went to, was close to the town of Nova towards the west of Tallinn and 200 meters away from the sea.

Structure Of The House

The house was surrounded by tall trees and had a huge garden. This well-maintained 35-year-old country house consisted of multiple wooden structures, like any other. Each structure has a function; the largest one is the living, bedroom and kitchen area, the wooden building locating across is the bathroom and sauna, the next one is storage and the smallest one is the toilet.

The garden of the house is quite large and surrounded by trees, you feel like there is no house around. As we have learned from friends, Eston’s relationship with his neighbors is no more than a greeting and the house layouts in the countryside are designed not to be seen from the outside. Activities such as having a barbecue party or offering food are not common. But they love to make barbecue and they call it shashlık. We felt the advantage of this silence, swang for hours in the hammock accompanied by the sounds of birds, we walked through the green grass.

From Country House To The Beach

When you get out of the garden fence and follow the path, after walking 2 minutes through the forest, you will see the white sandy beach. This beach is your private sea. There were no-one except 2-3 people sitting nearby. One side is the blue sea, the other is the green forest … Even just listening to the sound of the waves was very good. We didn’t forget to walk on the white sands end to end. We couldn’t swim because the weather was 18 C degrees, but because it was summer for Estonians, our friend jumped himself into the sea :).

Another interesting information is that you can own the forested area from the house to the sea till 50 meters from the shore. You can meet your need for wood by cutting the trees here.

We burned our barbecue for dinner, gathered green vegetables from the garden and put black bread in the table. We enjoyed our meal in the fresh air. We blended our dinner with our Turkish culture and drank Turkish tea and Turkish coffee.

Vikings Village in Tallinn

We had a very nice day where we experienced one-to-one local life, and we strongly recommend you to devote a day to such an activity. Don’t worry if you don’t have a friend and country house in Tallinn :). You can visit the Viking village, where you can spend a similar time in nature and see the lifestyle of the Vikings who dominated the Nordic region in the 800s.We suggest you to visit the Viking village, founded by Steve Henderson and offers a variety of activities. You can find details on the website. You can get more pleasure here especially in sunny weather and at the weekend.

Our great three-day trip to Tallinn was over.  Thanks to our friend, all the beauties of the city were on our minds, hearts and It has taken its place in the memories as one of our most enjoyable holidays…

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