Nail Polish: Zoya

Hello! We are here again with a beauty article. Today’s topic is nail polish, one of our favorite ones. We all love to use nail polish and care for our nails. It is indispensable for us to always have beautiful and well-groomed nails.

We love to wear colorful nail polishes in our daily life. Most of the time, while we are buying nail polish, we look at the color rather than the brand. So are we doing it right? Today, we will examine Zoya nail polishes that stand out among many brands with their clean content. Many of you might think of the phrase ÔÇśpregnant nail polishÔÇÖ when you heard the Zoya. Yes true! Zoya advertises are in this way, relying on the cleanliness of the contents, we can use Zoya nail polishes with peace of mind.

While I was deciding to buy Zoya nail polish, I did some research on the internet. Many people have mentioned the clean content of nail polishes and how they are very satisfied. After the articles that it can be used even while pregnancy period, I was very curious because pregnancy is a sensitive condition. Then, I decided to buy it, thinking that it is quite good if even pregnant women can use it. It was a nice sale time to buy nail polishes; Otherwise, most probably I would not prefer to buy it because the price was around 50-60 TL. But now I’m glad to met Zoya nail polishes because of the discount. They really are absolutely and absolutely gorgeous nail polishes, as described on the internet!

The content of The Zoya Nail Polish

Zoya nail polishes are pretty assertive in content! They do not contain 5 harmful substances that should not be found in nail polishes. Zoya appears as a vegan nail polish brand that does not contain toxic ingredients such as Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP (Dibutil Ftahat) and Camphor, which they call “5 Free”. This part is very important because many brands do not contain 3 harmful substances, including Sally Hansen nail polishes. In this case, Zoya makes a difference to other brands in this regard. The products are 15 ml and go for long time.

Density of Zoya

First of all, the density of nail polish is very fluid. This may sound a little strange, I personally liked this situation. Because of this fluid structure, it is very easy to apply and prevents you from buying too much product. In addition, it preserves its fluid structure for long time; Although I bought the nail polishes 2 years ago, it is still in the same liquid structure as the first day and there is never gumming! Yes, watch out! There is no gumming; this is very important because gummy nail polishes can neither be applied easily nor dry quickly. But thanks to the fluid consistency of Zoya nail polishes, it is both easy to apply and the nail polish dries quickly. Some users have mentioned that nail polishes dry late, but I have not encountered such a situation.

How Zoya Nail Polish Looks?

Zoya Nail Polish primarily has a wide range of colors. It is possible to find many nail polish in the color you want, in the structure you want. When it comes to their appearance, it looks very stylish on the nails, like you have a jewel on your nails. Thanks to its beautiful appearance, it immediately attracts the eyes. Zoya nail polishes keep their color and shine for a long time. I liked the look of Zoya nail polishes as well as the effect on the nails. First of all, it does not come off your nails quickly and does not peel off from the ends immediately, its permanence is very good. It stays intact for 3-4 days.

Zoya Nail Polishes

What I like very much about Zoya nail polishes is; My nails are not yellowed or orange when I remove the nail polish even after 1 week. Unfortunately, I have this problem with many nail polishes and I think that nail polishes damage the nails. This has definitely not happened with Zoya nail polishes, and that is what attracted me.

Removing the Zoya Nail Polish

Zoya offers a wide variety of nail polishes. It’s extremely easy to remove if you buy a nail polish without glitter. You soak the cotton with nail polish removers and take it off. Of course, if you have a glittered nail polish, removing these nail polishes are more difficult than the plain nail polishes. However, I should mention that Zoya’s glittered nail polishes come out much easier than the glittered nail polishes of other brands. You do not have to scrape your fingernail like the others. However, if removing the glittered nail polishes is difficult for you, then you can easily remove these nail polishes with the aluminum foil method without getting tired.

Where Can You Buy Zoya Nail Polish?

Unfortunately, we can not buy Zoya nail polishes from our country right now. In 2018, Zoya decided to withdraw from our country and put the remaining nail polishes on sale at big discounts; I met them on this occasion. I bought the nail polishes that normally cost 50-60 TL at very affordable prices between 4.99-8.99 TL. Zoya nail polishes from the USA are normally available for a price of $ 10, quite high in our opinion.

For those who wonder about the nail polishes I bought and its stance on the nails, here are the photos :).

Of course, not all colors were available because I bought the nail polishes during the discount period, but I also love these colors. I wish there was one of my favorite colors on the nails, Burgundy, I am sure I would wear it every day until it is finished!

Long story short, if you come across Zoya nail polishes somewhere, especially if you get a discount, I recommend you to buy Zoya nail polishes without hesitation and try them. If you find Zoya nail polish for the colors you use regularly, I am sure you will not drop it. By the way, hand and foot care products are also highly praised, unfortunately I could not experience it, but keep in mind.

Stay beautiful!

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