Groomed Argan Oil Hair Serum

Hello everyone, I am here again with a beauty article. The subject of our article today is well-groomed soft and shiny hair.

As you all know, hair changes the human appearance a lot. With healthy and well-groomed hair, your self-confidence increases and you are noticed among other people. Today I will recommend you a great argan oil hair serum.

How I met Groomed Argan Oil Serum?

First of all, my acquaintance with this product dates back to years ago and I have been using only this product for my hair for years. Once I was very interested in the Brazilian blowout, I found the Brazilian blowout set that can be made at home on a website called Naturakeratin. Since I could not find much information about this website on the internet at that time, I called the company and received information.

They said that their products were imported from America (although I couldn’t find such an expression when I looked at their website right now, but they said so then) and I bought it and experienced it because the formaldehyde content in it was reasonable. The products are really beautiful and the Brazilian blowout I made at home was legendary. Everyone kept asking what I was doing with my hair. I spent 5-6 months with shiny, soft and straight hair. I guess since my hair was not dyed, the Brazilian blow dry was as long as promised.

Wonderfull Hair Serum!

AnywayÔÇŽ After I was satisfied with the products I bought from this website, I decided to try the argan oil hair serum. I can say that it is really a legendary hair serum. I want to tell this with a little memory :).

I had a friend who is very particular about hair and doesn’t like every product and at that time she was looking for an argan oil hair serum. At that time, the hair products of the Nashi brand, argan oil serums, were highly praised. When my friend is unsure about what to buy, I recommend the Groomed argan oil hair serum that I use and she starts using it. When I ask her if she likes it afterwards, she replies, “The search for argan oil serum is over for me!” Since my friend is very sensitive and meticulous in these matters, I was relieved that this product got full marks from her and I did not even think of using another product after that day.

How to Use?

The bottle of Groomed argan oil hair serum is quite simple and useful. Its scent is very nice. Generally, I buy 3-5 and stock them during the discount period. It used to smell different, I think they added a new perfume now but I love it too. So whenever I use it, the smell was always nice. By the way, the product is going for a long time, let me state that.

You can use 1-2 pumps on wet or damp hair. I always use 2 pumps and comb when my hair is wet. It smoothes and lightens the hair easily. Then I dry it and I have wonderfully scented, shiny hair. I also really like how it moisturizes the hair. It really gives shine to hair as well. In short, I recommend Groomed argan oil hair serum in all aspects.

The product is on sale from time to time, frankly, I always buy by following the discounts. Its normal price is 180 TL on the website, but it appears to be 120 TL at a discount. I bought and stocked 4 pieces for 75 TL at a nice discount :). You can access the product from its website or Naturakeratin website.

Stay beautiful!

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