Food Culture of Tallinn

There are many options for the answer to the question of where to eat in Tallinn. During our trip, we preferred to try traditional testes instead of world cuisines. Meats are very tasty in these places where hunting is widespread. Also their black and sour yeasted breads are magnificent.

The bread is really different in Estonia. Normally we don’t usually eat bread, but we bought this bread to take with us to Turkey. Even on the plane, we saw an old couple take black bread out of their bags :). This bread is prepared in 72 hours with sour yeast and contains rye flour, spices and nuts. It’s kind of a hearty meal. The restaurants also make their own bread and serve it with butter before the meal.

The Farm Restaurant

The farm restaurant is located on the right alley after entering the old town through the Viru gate. We choose this restaurant with the recommendation of our friend and we really like it very much. The restaurant stands out with its dishes as well as its design. The kitchen is also surrounded by glass and you can see from the outside how clean it is. It also has the appropriate ambience for an elegant dinner. There are not many varieties in the menu, so you do not have difficulty to choose :).

Plates are not very big. Their black bread was very different and delicious. We tried venison meatballs and duck, we were pleased with the flavors. Prices are lower than in Paris or Germany. Main course plates are priced around 17-20 euros while other European countries charge 25-30 euros. Another advantage is that the restaurant is located in a small street and you can generally find an available table because it doesn’t attract tourists attention immediately.

Rataskaevu 16 Restaurant

By chance we found a table without reservation and sat down at the highly rated and crowded Rataskaevu 16 restaurant. This is also a very tasty restaurant that can be preferred. The price level was again similar. The interior design features with black wood and a large decorated bar wall. Their black bread was softer and we’re not sure it was done with sour yeast. The bread in the farm restaurant was more original :). The plates were slightly larger. We tried salmon and venison here. It came a little heavy with venison sauce, but it was delicious.

Dessert break in Tallinn

Kohvik Maiasmokk Caf├ę is a good alternative for a sweet break. We also tried the highly rated The Pierre Chocolaterie, but since we cannot find the flavor and hygiene as we expect, we do not recommend this place.

Balti Jaama Turg – Tallinn Market

On the last day, before heading to our friend’s country house, we stopped in the Balti Jaama Turg to shop for vegetables and fruits. You can find whatever you look for in this area. There are many shops such as vegetables, fruit stalls, bakeries, small snack bars, butchers, fishermen and big markets. We wanted to buy all the various fresh berries we saw :). Dried fish was interesting, they bake the fish and sell it by salting it. You can also buy caviar at very reasonable prices here. The colors of the salmon seemed to say we had just arrived from the sea. If you like to visit this type of market place, we recommend you to visit this place, which can be reached by public transportation or by car in 6-7 minutes.┬á

Enjoy your meal!

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