How to eat healthy food in Paris with a coffee price? : FRANPRIX

You read true! For just 4 euro you can have a delicious meal in Paris. Please do not think only pastries, donut style products. We give you the secret of eating chicken with potatoes for only 4 euros in Paris. We can say that we have found the cheapest and delicious option in Paris ;).

At least, you can imagine that Paris is not a cheap city in every respect. Main courses can be around 25-30 euro. We have choose some restaurants based on internet reviews before our trip to Paris. Even if a plate of main dish was 25 euro, we would pay this price because in many places the prices were at this level. Normally, the Euro-TL parity calculation should not be done in abroad. However, the euro-TL currency parity was crazy (7.02tl) at that time and we had to make this account even though we did not want. In this case, a 25-euro plate of food was 175tl for us and 2 people would cause a cost like 350 TL.

Anyway, after visiting the museums, we entered the grocery store on the way to get water. The market we entered was a brand named Franprix which we encountered in almost every corner of Paris. We took the water, the cashier was very slow. We paid for the water and before got out we saw an area near the exit. There were roasted chicken in the oven. There were also slices of pizza and fried potatoes. The 2 large chicken legs and potatoes were packaged and looked quite tasty. First we saw the price tag 10 euro. While buying the foods we surprised, because this huge packet was just only 4 euro.

In this section of the grocery store, there were 3 tables by the window and everywhere was quite clean. People were eating their food withe the view of street. In addition to the chicken-potato package, we buy salads with quinoa, carrot and cucumber from the cupboard with healthy snacks. These products were slightly more expensive than chicken. In short, we pay a total of 15 euros for 2 chicken-potatoes, 2 salads and 2 drinks. For 4 euro we eat very tasty potato chicken and we are full. We would also like to mention that this dish is much better than many restaurants we cost 5 times higher.

This grocery store was much better than other branch stores as a design. According to the size we can say is the most comfortable, best Franprix we have seen. Normally we saw roast chicken in many grocery stores, but people would take a pack of cooked chicken directly and didn’t look as wide and clean as this place. This place has with different alternatives. We are leaving the google maps link here so you can find this grocery store on Avenue de Tourville, 200-300 meters from the Ecole Militaire metro stop.┬á

They even created a living area on the lower floor, where you can drink coffee in the form of a home environment and have a power socket where you can charge your phone. If you are tired and your phone charge is finished, you can breathe here. You can prefer it after getting tired on the museum trip, especially since it is close to the museum area.

Of course, this experience has given us the much more disadvantage rather than the the advantage, everything has come to us expensive :). The cappucino is generally 5 euro and while having coffee, we were looking at each other and laughing. You’ll understand us better in our next article in which we summarize dessert and coffee options.


It has branches in our country and is famous for its bread. On the first day of Paris, when we left Montmarte, it was the place where we entered because it was not an open restaurant. The prices are better than other restaurants in Paris. We drank pumpkin soup and the taste was good. We got a chicken dish and salad. It came out different from what we expected, the flavors were nice, although not perfect. We think, Turkey branches appeal to our food preferences more than Paris.


The answer to the question ‘Where is the croissant in Paris’? We couldn’t skip a place that was so much praised. There is a long queue at the gate, so we waited a little. There is no place to sit inside, only have a small number of tables to sit outside. When you come in, you come across many varieties. We wanted to buy plain or chocolate croissants. But when we saw that green pistachio and chocolate spiral desserts were preferred, we wanted to try it. The victims of popularity :). we will not prefer it again. In addition, we bought grape cream spiral dessert and like it. We are sure that the pure croissants are much better. Croissants have intense butter taste and we love this taste. If you want to drink something, we unfortunately still say cappucino is 5 euro while croissants are 2-3 euro :).


One of the most famous cafes of Paris. Hot chocolate that makes Angelina so famous. In addition, before we went to Angelina, we read many comments about the Mont Blanc dessert. Angelina is a very stylish cafe. You may have to wait to find a table in the caf├ę, if you are lucky like us, you can settle on a new available table. The appearance of dessert really attract people. It has multiple branches, we chose the branch located just opposite the Tuileries park.

We got hot chocolate and Mont Blanc and we could say we made the right choice. Mont blanc has cream in it and chestnut on it, the view and flavor is quite nice. The Mont blanc is not a dessert that can be eaten alone. It is sufficiently big so we recommend that you take one and eat in common. Both the Mont Blanc and the hot chocolate may sound a bit heavy, both in terms of taste and price! The price of hot chocolate is around 9 euro! Mont blanc is also the same. Isn’t it normal for us to think these are very expensive after eating chicken and potatoes for just 4 euro? Still it is worth trying for the ambience and the hot chocolate. Since we don’t like very sugary flavors, if we go again we will prefer only one of the two.

Hot Chocolate
Mont Blanc


It is the caf├ę which make us to start our last day with the La Marais region to taste the Lisbon dessert. We want to remind the taste of the famous dessert in Lisbon belem patisserie, that we went to 8 years ago. We ate these lovely desserts with coffee which was 2 euro and we liked it very much :).


It is a historic cafe in the Saint Germain district of Paris. We were lucky, and we were able to get a seat on the outside where people were waiting in line for table. A very pleasant and famous place. If you visit Paris, we recommend you not to miss this place. In addition, Cafe De Flore is so famous in Paris! You can click to review!


Spacious cafe on the Champs Elysees, the most famous area in Paris. People may be coming here to have lunch or dinner. When we were tired, we sat outside to take a short break. We prefer mineral water and cappuccino. The location was delightful, the cappuccino was nice. Prices are average for Paris.


STARBUCKS (Le Carrousel du Louvre)

After visiting the Louvre Museum, we spent our coffee break at Starbucks which is in the shopping center next to the museum. Usually we like to try different places, but if we’re too tired, the chains we know are life saver. Unlike Starbucks in Turkey, there was delicious four cheese toast. It can be preferred as a snack.

Enjoy your meal!

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