L’occitane Peony Starter Set & Skin Refinement

Hello to everyone! I am here with you again with a beauty article. Today, we will examine a set of skin care and make-up removal products together.

Our product belongs to L’occitane brand. L’occitane is a French cosmetics brand. Skin care products, especially perfumes, are highly appreciated. I also heard about the reputation of the L’occitane brand, but I had not used any of its products. Their prices were a bit expensive compared to the market. While browsing L’occitane’s website, I saw that there were discounted starter sets and this time I decided to meet the brand.

Peony Starter Set

L’occitane has several starter kits. When I compare the price in terms of performance, the options were falling to 2 for me. I would choose either the Shea starter set & skin moisturizing product or the Peony starter set & skin refinement product. These are exactly the same in terms of content, only sets with different types of moisturizers. I chose the Peony starter set. A friend of mine praised Peony peony moisturizing cream highly, which affected my decision.

First, let’s look at the overall set. The set consists of the following products;

– Infusions Cleansing Oil (30 ml)

– Infusions Micelar 3-in-1 Makeup Remover (30 ml)

– Precious Eye Balm Trial Size (1 ml * 5 pieces)

– Peony Cream (8 ml)

– Peony Hand Cream (10 ml)

Features of Products

Infusions Cleansing Oil (30 ml):

An oil-based cleanser that can be applied including around the eyes. You can apply it by squeezing a few pumps and adding some water and massaging it on your face. It does not burn eyes, it cleanses well. However, my eyelashes are long and I am afraid that my eyelashes will fall off, so I cannot completely remove my eye make-up with this product, I definitely use other make-up removal products beforehand. But all I heard from other people using this product was that they could remove their makeup without any problems, keep in mind. By the way, a product suitable for travel use both in terms of size and features.

Infusions Micelar 3-in-One Make-Up Remover (30 ml):

After Infusions cleansing oil, this time with the help of cotton, you will have a completely cleansed skin by applying Infusions Micelar 3-in-1 make-up remover to your face, especially your eyes and lips. My favorite product about Micelar water is Biderma Sensibio H2O, this product cannot compete with Bioderma but it works. I think Infusions cleansing oil is better than Infusions micelar cleanser. This product should also be added to the travel bag.

Precious Eye Balm Trial Size (1 ml * 5 pieces):

Let’s get to one of the most beautiful products of the set. Eye area moisturizer and very beautiful. I needed an eye cream and one of the big things in getting this set was this Precious eye cream. Every time I apply it, my eye area is soft and I think it moisturizes well. The scent is also great, like many L’occitane products. The product is in the form of paper, I open it from the edge and apply it every evening, I wake up in the morning with a moist eye area. The product does not dry out and I can say that 1 ml of product goes for 1 week.

Peony Cream (8 ml):

The other best product of the set. The scent is amazing! Oh that peony scent, it’s really cool. The product first attracts with its fragrance. Afterwards, it leaves a wonderful softness on the skin. Its moisturizing was enough for me. But I don’t think it will be quite enough for very dry skin or during winters. It moisturizes beautifully and smoothly without being greasy. I loved this product too. It has a tiny sweet box, when it’s finished I can put other products in it and add it to my travel bag. By the way, the product is 8 ml but I can say that it goes on for quite a long time.

Peony Hand Cream (10 ml):

Again, a hand cream with wonderful peony scent. I can say that it is a light hand cream, not a very heavy cream. It moisturizes the hands well in spring and summer. However, my hands are very dry, so it was not enough for me. Also, because the hands want a lot of cream, the product runs out quickly.

Do I Recommend LÔÇÖoccitane Peony Starter Set?

I liked the set in general. It was a set where beautiful products were brought together. I think it is a set that meets the price performance.

The star products of the set are definitely Precious eye balm and Peony cream in my opinion. One of the biggest advantages of this set is that Precious eye cream is included in the set. The set includes 5 eye cream of 1 ml. When you look at the website of L’occitane, we see that 4 ml Precious eye balm is sold for a price of 115 TL, click here! However, although there are 5 ml Precious eye balm and many other products in this set, the price of the set is 145 TL, which is very advantageous. As I mentioned before, the prices of L’occitane products are quite expensive !! Therefore, such starter sets are more satisfying both in terms of getting to know the products and in terms of price.

L’occitane brand allows you to choose 3 kinds of trial size products for every purchase. Thus, you have the opportunity to try other products, which is one of the features I like. There were many kinds of products during the New Year period and I chose very good products, but there may be few trial products in some periods, for your information! I really liked the trial sized products, especially the serums and the Blanche lightening cream (Reine Blanche White Infusion Cream).

If you are curious about the products of L’occitane brand like me, you can discover the brand at more affordable prices with starter sets.

Stay beautiful!

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