Gucci Premiere Perfume Review

Hello everyone! The subject of today’s article is a perfume that is one of our favorites. Let’s get started without wasting any time.

I confess! I have a weakness for perfumes :). Although I have a few standard perfumes that I have not changed in my life, I want to try different perfumes from time to time. I tried the Gucci Premiere perfume many times before I bought it, and I liked its smell every time, but for some reason I did not buy it. I decided to buy the Gucci Premiere Edp, which I had been wondering about for a long time, when I was digging through the free shop after a trip abroad.

A Gucci perfume released in 2012. It is one of the perfumes that has caught my attention for many years. I tried Gucci’s Guilty perfume (it’s a great scent too! If anyone is curious, try it as soon as possible!) but I never had the opportunity to try Premiere. Now that I have experienced Gucci Premiere Edp, we can move on to the comments :).

Content of The Gucci Premiere EDP

It is a very elegant perfume with its golden yellow metallic color. The bottle is a bit heavy, not suitable for carrying in a bag. It has a dangling accessory on the cover.

If we look at the content, floral and woody notes stand out.

Top notes: Bergamot, blackberry

Middle notes: Orange Blossom, Wild Fur Chord

Base notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood

It has a very elegant and original scent, I can say it is feminine at the same time. If they ask me, I would describe this perfume as woody. Woody scents are very interesting to me, they arouse different feelings in me. Although I am greeted with fruity-floral scents at the opening of the perfume, I think this effect lasts for a short time. I can say that it immediately switched to woody notes, at least that was my impression.

Gucci Premiere Edp

It is a fresh and especially very different fragrance. I couldn’t compare it to any scent, and this is the feature I like the most. I don’t know if it happens to you too, but sometimes it feels like everyone smells the same. I don’t like it. Gucci Premiere is definitely one of the perfumes that makes its difference in terms of fragrance. Those who love woody scents should definitely give this perfume a chance!

Is Gucci Premiere EDP Permanent?

Unfortunately, I cannot say that Gucci Premiere is very permanent. It is noticeable when I first squeeze it, but nothing more! I smell myself, I smell it, but as far as I understand, the effect it leaves on the outside is not much. In fact, when I tried the perfume in other places, it stayed on my wrist for a long time, but when I bought it, I couldn’t see such a permanence. The smell is very different, very nice, but the permanence never satisfied me. I wonder if the perfume I bought was stale, but I checked the date, it was fine. Maybe I came across a manufacturing defect product, I don’t know. Is it possible? I would appreciate it if anyone with knowledge on this could enlighten me.

It is definitely a perfume that cannot be beaten, even if its permanence is at a good level! Those who are curious should give it a try, I’m also curious about your comments on permanence. Please share with me!

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