My Burberry Black Perfume Review

Hello to everyone! While winter is here, I wanted to introduce a wonderful winter perfume.

Our guest today is the perfume My Burberry Black, which was released by the Burberry in 2016.

I met this perfume for the first time as a trial product given to me from a cosmetic store. At that time, while going to work, I was occasionally squeezing different perfumes on different days and I had experimenting people reactions. When you read the word ‘experiment’ please don’t think of bad things :)), I was testing to see which perfume is noticed by whom, or is the perfume noticed in general.

The day I sprayed My Burberry Black, when I got up from my desk and went somewhere, my colleague grabbed my arm directly and asked what perfume it was. During the day, many people noticed and liked it very much. That day I said okay, this perfume must be bought in full size ;).

As you know, Burberry is a British company and generally tries to reflect the British spirit. It was said that Burberry was inspired by the gardens of London in the perfume My Burberry released before the My Burberry Black perfume. My Burberry Black perfume is defined as the contrast of the storm and heavy rain, warm and enchanting flora in the gardens of London.

Content of the My Burberry Black

When we look at the bottle of the perfume, it is designed quite simply like other Burberry perfumes. We can say that this is Burberry’s style. The bottle is amber colored, as if to accompany the amber in the perfume. A black bowed ribbon, which is reminiscent of Burberry trench coats, takes its place in the bottle.

When we look at the general aura of the perfume, we can define it as sugary and fruity perfume especially.

In the content of the perfume; fruity, woody, floral, sugary, powdered and hot spices.

Top notes: Jasmine flower

Middle notes: Rose and peach nectar

Base notes: Amber and patchouli

When you first squeeze the perfume, you first smell an intense sugar rather than jasmine flower. It then leaves its place to fruity and again sugary scents and, at last, it remains woody and maintains its charm throughout the day. You mostly smell rose from floral essences in perfume. By the way, I can say that the middle notes with fruity and sugary notes are the main theme of this perfume, you stay in these notes for quite a long time. Finally, you say goodbye to perfume with the charming woody scents.

How is My Burberry Black Perfume Permanence?

I have to say it is an incredibly lasting perfume. In fact, it is so permanent that if you squeeze too much, it may disturb you and those around you. When I bought this perfume, it was not even Edp that caught my attention, it was directly referred to as Perfume. This shows that the perfume is more permanent. Even 1 sprinkle is enough, I suggest you squeeze a maximum of 2 sprinkles. A wonderful fragrance that fits incredibly well for the winter.

Note: My mom loves to walk into my room and spray my perfumes secretly :). When I was away, my mother picked up My Burberry Black perfume. Of course she sprayed a lot of perfume! My brother opened the window in the car all day, and my mother was told, what did you use, it’s too heavy!! As you can understand, it is useful to use it carefully because the permanence and effect of the perfume is quite high! This is a our funny memory about the perfume :).

My Burberry Black perfume shows its effect differently for everybody, so you should definitely try it before you buy! Especially I think it is a perfume that suits the winter months very well. If you are looking for a winter perfume, I suggest you give it a chance.

Wish you fragrant days!

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