Armani Mania Perfume Review

I am here with a wonderful perfume article that will suit the autumn and winter months. If you are looking for a different fragrance than everyone else uses, this article is definitely for you! So let’s start!

There are many perfumes on the market and some of them are very popular. Even though we have loved ones among them, when we hear the smell in many people, we sometimes get cold from that smell. Sometimes it is good to head towards and discover different scents. Although I have a few perfumes that I have kept on my table all my life, I love trying new perfumes. The secret but wonderful guest of today’s article, which I discovered and liked, is Armani Mania Edp women’s perfume!

Content of the Armani Mania Edp

Armani Mania is a fragrance released by Armani in 2004. There is a male version as well as a female, and I really like these two versions. Since this is a woman-dominated blog, we will examine the Armani Mania perfume for women :).

If we look at the content of the perfume;

Top Note: Orange, green mandarin, black currant, bay leaf, pink pepper

Heart Note: Peony, magnolia, iris, lily of the valley

Base Note: Vanilla, amber, musk, white sandalwood, virginia cedar

The perfume is mentioned as fruity and floral, but for me the most dominant part is that it is woody and powdered. When you squeeze the perfume for the first time, citrus fruits welcome you and you feel a wonderful and fresh fragrance. Then I feel the intensity of powder, and at the end, the perfume completes the day with woody notes. You can also feel the floral notes in the perfume, but frankly, I cannot say that I clearly feel this flower. I can’t define which one more clearly, maybe I can say peony. Perhaps this is one of the factors that makes this perfume different and attractive;). As a result, this is the dance that the Armani Mania perfume shows on my skin.

The Persistence of Armani Mania Perfume

Persistence may vary according to the skin, we all know this now. Armani Mania is a fragrance that is already edp and its permanence is quite high. I think it is a noticeable fragrance, whenever I squeeze it, it definitely catches someone’s attention during the day. Also, I squeeze it out in the morning and it works until the evening, I don’t feel the need to refresh it during the day. These reasons show that the perfume is permanent for me.

Armani Mania Edp is definitely one of the different alternatives in the market. If it suits your skin, you can stand out as it is a less used fragrance in the market. I think it is chic and elegant fragrance. I definitely suggest you give it a chance.

Wish you fragrant days!

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