Bozcaada invites you to take magnificent photos of the lovely streets. Another nice feature of the streets of the island is that they have different graffities. The artist of graffiti, Cemil Onay, thank to him very much, did a great job. Now we will share home, door, window and graffiti points in Bozcaada where you can take great photos.

Let’s Start!

We set our first photo point as hairy girl graffiti.┬áIf you have arrived in Bozcaada, we think that you have been photographed with this graffiti.┬áGraffiti is on the street where Latife Hanim Konagi is located.┬áIn spring and summer, our daughter’s hair is quite bushy, offers a feast in visual terms.┬áIn autumn, we’ve never been to the island, but this beautiful haired girl’s fall hair would be yellowish green.┬áWe are sure that it is very beautiful.┬áIf you have the chance to go to the island in autumn and take a photo with this girl, please share with us, we wonder about the color boom ;).┬á

Graffiti was changed in pandemic!
The final version of the winking girl!

There is a fairy tale boutique right next to the street where the girl with hair is graffitied. This is also the place to be photographed. It is a very cute place for photography.

Another point is in the square on the ├ç─▒narl─▒ street near the thyme shop; girl with glasses. Please accompany this beautiful girl by wearing your most artistic glasses ;).

No words needed! ‘Smile, you are in Bozcaada’ :).

Attention Please!

We’re coming to graffiti with a good message. Graffiti is located on the tulip Street, in the same street with Ela Pizza. The graffiti of those who avoid breaking the heart in the three-day world :).

On the main street of the island, ├ç─▒naralt─▒ street, if you stand front of the tree and walk through, this graffiti is on your left side. If we remember correctly, it was across the street. We really liked the slogan. Live Your Life with your own unique way!

We continue to walk on the ├ç─▒naralt─▒ street. Turquoise color attracts people. Just sit down and have a great photo.

Wings in My Soul!

On the same way in the Cinaralti avenue on the right side, the wonderful graffiti of Dada Bozcaada welcomes us. This graffiti for the one who has wings in their soul ;).

We enter the streets, from rigth of the Dada Bozcaada. We see the black wings. This graffitti is for the mysterious lovers :).

When we continue from the black wings, we see Tenedion wine house very close to it and the graffiti of the place welcomes us. You can taste the wines by taking photos with graffiti. In the meantime, we do not drink and make any suggestions for famous wine points. But based on what we read, Tenedion winery is the most popular place.

On the street where the Mauna hotel is located, we recommend the cool girl giraffiti which has ten hundred thousand million bubbles on her head :).

Before we leave the Greek neighborhood, we go to where there is a very, very sweet graffiti. The location of the graffiti is exactly where the Mia Bozcaada boutique hotel is. You can easily find your maps by writing the name of the hotel. It is located in the upper parts of the Greek neighborhood. Let the happiness come to those who want to fly with love :). The graffiti is both beautiful and very accurate. Bozcaada: A piece of land surrounded by peace on all four sides.

Wouldn’t there be a mermaid in the Greek neighborhood? ;).

Don Quixote #aydan├želik

Graffitti Points in the Turkish Neighborhood

Now we can move to the Turkish neighborhood. Rum neighborhood is more rich in graffiti, but there are quite beautiful graffiti in the Turkish neighborhood. Our first graffiti is the mermaid graffiti of the Zeytin boutique hotel, which is located on the first left street when you walk a little further from ├ç─▒nar ├çe┼čme Street. Let the mermaids come to the sea in Bozcaada :).

The graffiti on Vasilaki Tenedos. Two corners of the wall were used for graffiti. We suggest this for change seekers.

You must capture a photograph in this wonderful corner on the side streets near the center in the Turkish neighborhood.This is exactly suitable for reading book, it’s a corner of peace.

The graffiti of the Lara boutique hotel is located in the mills on the upper slope of the Turkish quarter.  

Lastly, Adamarin hotel graffiti is located in Kurtulu┼č Avenue in the Turkish neighborhood. This graffiti is for Shy, cheeky and loving hearts. Please hug one you love and request a photo :).

We wish you have plenty of nice photos :). Goodbye…

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