Haci Mahmut Bay #nofilter ­čśë

You can swim everywhere in Bozcaada:) Bozcaada is for cold sea lovers. Bozcaada’s sea is very cold and very clean. Those who do not like cold sea may not like this situation but the sea is magnificent. When you enter you are get used to the temperature in a few seconds and have chance to swim in the crystal clear water. There are minibuses going to the beaches of Bozcaada and departed by the port.

One of the most beautiful features of Bozcaada is the free of charge beautiful bays. If you have an umbrella in your car and you can live without a sunbed, we definitely recommend you to go different bays. Sea is like glass, there are very few people and lots of peace … Portatif chairs, umbrellas to protect from the sun, the wireless speaker, some snacksÔÇŽ this is what you expect from the summer :).

Ayazma Beach

It is the the most popular beach of Bozcaada. If you can’t swim without sun beds and umbrellas, you can evaluate Ayazma Beach. Seashore is mostly sandy, there are some little Stones only. In the season the total price of sun bed and umbrella is 10-15 TL . The sea is beautiful but this beach is very popular and some times it is very crowded. There are also dining options across the beach; An advantage for you if you are very hungry at the beach.

You can be friends with tiny fishes in the Ayazma Beach :).

Çayır Bay

Obviously, we never liked this place at all. It was incredibly wavy, we even thought about how to swim here. We were surprised that they had very good comments on the internet. If the Ayazma beach side is calm, the ├çay─▒ bay is wavy or vice versa. We came at the time of the fluctuating wave and we came back immediately. If you want to surf you can come ├çay─▒r bay :)).

Beylik Bay

The bay where the famous sunken ship is. As you know, the sunken ship has been removed this year because it was spreading harmful chemicals to the sea. If you have an umbrella in your car, you can swim here without thinking, because it is so beautiful and calm.

Aquarium Bay

You should familiar with this name. Because there are many bays with the same name with beautiful sea :)) Like; Bodrum, Ka┼č  

Tuzburnu Bay

We have not been there yet but read good comments. A friend of ours had gone and liked the facilities with the entrance fee 30TL (in the year 2018). Although this bay deserves this fee regarding the facilities, we still insist on suggesting the free of charge beautiful bays in Bozcaada ;).

Sulubah├že Beach

It is one of the most beautiful public beaches of Bozcaada. Grab your chair, umbrella, drinks and go. It is a wonderful beach where you can swim in the perfect sea and enjoy without being too close to people, without being attached to anyone, at any cost.

During the pandemic period, it was not very difficult to be isolated with Bozcaada beaches, we even think that it may be in the top 3 in the list of best holiday destinations during the pandemic period.

The sea is clean, the environment is calm…

Sulubahce beach

Habbele Beach

We┬ádecided to go┬áhere┬áone day when┬áAyazma was┬ávery crowded.┬áEntrance fee was┬á80┬áTL (in the year 2021).┬áThe booking is must because we couldn’t find a place fort he same day. We get inside for just a look and obviously it is meaningless to pay this amount for that sunbeds and umbrellas in Bozcaada.┬áMoreover, there is a public beach accross the sun beds and you can swim there free of charge. The sea was beautiful, but the seashore was not entirely sand.

Hac─▒ Mahmut Bay (Our favourite)

We are sure that many people do not know this place or the name of the place. It was difficult to find the name, thanks to our computer engineer friend, stubbornly found the name. We found this bay, when we headed towards Beylik bay. It really has a great sea, it is very clean and looks like glass. The only problem is stony seashore and slippery ground. In fact, the entrance of the virgin bays of Bozcaada is usually like this, so it is better to get sea shoes with you. We choose our favorite bay in Bozcaada as Hac─▒ Mahmut Bay. Once you try, we are sure, you will agree with us! The photos will support us, please look. Also there is no filter in the photos :).

We wish you enjoyable swimming with burning plenty of calories :).

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