This is our first blog post , so we are a little bit excited. We want to write our first articleaboutBozcaada, where we had great memories and we rested our souls. We enjoyed it very much, we hope you enjoy while reading. If you’re ready, let’s go around Bozcaada.


You can reach Bozcaada only by road. If you prefer air transportation, you can fly to ├çanakkale and then you should continue by car and then ferry. You have to board the ferry to go to Bozcaada, unfortunately there is no escape.It can be a little bit annoying while waiting ferries in high season but we think it’s worth it. In the meantime, in order to reduce the ferry line in the summer months, there is an appointment system. You can search from Gesta┼č website.

While approaching the island with the ferry, you will first see the greeting of Bozcaada castle. After getting off the ferry, you can walk through the historical plane tree and ├ç─▒naralt─▒ caf├ę in the center of Bozcaada . At the ├ç─▒naralt─▒ cafe you should definitely drink the island tea and taste the famous island toast. We recommend that you take the island toast from Vitaminada and it is definitely the best.


Bozcaada is not a place with great seven of five star hotels. On the island there are hostels, boutique hotels and vineyard houses. The concept is usually the same, room and breakfast . We have stayed in 3 different places so far and we have all left satisfied.  

Adabah├že Pansiyon

A charming hostel located on the upper side of the Greek neighborhood. They have rooms which are named lemon, grape, thyme . The rooms are unfortunately not cleaned every day. Breakfast was adequate, the hostel owner had his own jams and apple walnut jam that are delicious. Also it has 5 tea service. This hostel is an affordable alternative.

Ada Hotel

An immaculate hotel on the top of the Turkish neighborhood. When you request, your rooms are cleaned every day, unfortunately this feature is not available in many hotels in Bozcaada so we give extra points to Ada Hotel .  Breakfast is served on the terrace with a beautiful view.    Service and pastries are very nice :). The only negative thing is, in the rooms on the right side of the ground floor you can hear a little voice; since the air conditioner in the hotel next door is a bit noisy. If you are sensitive to the sound, that may be uncomfortable for you. There are also empty spaces around the hotel for car parking.

Latife Han─▒m Konagi

This is the most beautiful hotel we’ve stayed, oops sorry we should say mansion not hotel. Because it really is a typical Greek mansion :). Just fabulous. Central, very clean and service is wonderful. We would like to thank Sevim Han─▒m again. It was more like a small detached house so we stayed in a room for 4 people. Normally you will be stuck in 4-person rooms, but here is different. The room has 2 floor and had 2 baths. Pretty good for families, we recommend you, please take a look. There is also a small table at the door of the room where you can enjoy the live music sounds of the surrounding area. 

The hotel’s breakfast was on the terrace and was quite nice. If requested, omelets are made without any charge. There were different dessert every day like cakes, cookies and you can start the day with a nice and adequate breakfast.

We haven’t stayed any vineyard house yet, but one day we will definitely do. Those who want to use car and extra silence should prefer vineyard houses.

Defne Vineyard House

 We had our first vineyard house experience at Defne orchard house in 2020.  First of all, we have to say that staying in the vineyard house is a very nice experience.  We can say that the biggest advantage of staying in the vineyard house is a more spacious accommodation, silence and watching the stars all night long.  Especially at night you feel like you are inside a star globe and that feeling is great! 

Defne vineyard house was well rated and its breakfast was praised.  First of all, we purposely chose the basement rooms because the price was more affordable, because we thought we were just going to sleep.  However, as the rooms are next to the kitchen, there was constant noise, we recommend that you do not stay in the basement rooms if you are sensitive.  The owners told us that the room was in the basement, so this choice was entirely our fault, but if we go again, we’ll stay in the upper floor rooms!  The rooms were fine in terms of width compared to the basement, but the bathroom was a bit small.  The rooms were clean and nice, there was just a lack of plugs, maybe this year they solved that problem. 

Let’s get to the vaunted breakfast of the Defne vineyard house!  We also loved the breakfast.  It was a daily changing hot breakfast and dessert variety such as grapevine leaf omelette, cake, dessert, fried eggs, pie, bagel.  Every day we had a sweet excitement about what will come today and it was very enjoyable.  Let’s also mention that you can have your breakfast in front of your room when you stay in the rooms on the surface.  If you want to experience a vineyard house, you can add Defne vineyard house among your alternatives.

Elia Vineyard House

It will be the 2nd vineyard house we stay in Bozcaada and a vineyard house that we strongly recommend :). You know that we had stayed at the Defne vineyard house before and we wrote our views about it. For our 2nd trip to Bozcaada in 2020, this time we wanted to try a different vineyard house and found the Elia vineyard house. First of all, the area where the vineyard house is located is large and there is a parking lot. The rooms are large, especially the ideal size of the bathroom is an advantage. 3 people can stay comfortably in the rooms, considering that the rooms on the island are generally small, the Elia vineyard house is a very good alternative. Room cleaning is done every day if you wish.

When it comes to breakfast, breakfast is absolutely legendary! Different kinds of hot breakfast products come out every day, such as fried eggs, spring rolls, fried potatoes. Eating hot handmade french fries in the morning made us very happy, it felt like we were at home. There were also products such as cheese, olives, acuka, jam for breakfast and they were fresh :). We can say that it is one of the best breakfasts on the island, it is in the top 3 in our opinion. For 2020, the breakfast fee was 40 TL for guests coming from outside, but it would be better if you search and find out the current price before you go.

Business owners Mr. Ali and his wife are also very friendly and helpful. In the meantime, we had a dinner at the hotel during our stay at the Elia vineyard house. For dinner preparation, you need to tell your request and what you want to eat until noon. We don’t drink, but the owners said you can buy whatever drink you want and have it for dinner, a very polite thought, they don’t restrict anyone. We are also very pleased with the dinner, keep in mind that it is a different alternative. It was a vineyard house experience that we left very satisfied, if we decide to stay in the vineyard house on our next trip to Bozcaada, it will definitely be our first choice.


Bozcaada has small area but there are pretty much things to do. The island is famous for its corn poppy sherbet, toast, vineyards, wines and sunset. Bozcaada Castle is also one of the places to see. 

Two neighborhoods in Bozcaada are the Greek and Turkish neighborhoods. The Meryem Ana Church in the Greek neighborhood can be visited on Sundays.

Bozcaada Castle, which is the biggest symbol of the island, is one of the places to visit. Entry fee is 5 TL (in the year 2018). Inside the castle you will find a magnificent view of Bozcaada. Please do not skip Bozcaada Castle for both historical items and beautiful memories.  

Inside the castle, there are poppy flowers which are creating a pleasant appearance. Corn poppy sherbet of the island is also famous, we have not yet tasted but next time we will taste.

In Bozcaada, you can walk through between the streets and get lost as you wish, but you can’t get lost because the area is really small and you will surely go to the other street you know. As you will understand, Bozcaada is famous for its tiny charming streets and graffiti. Taking photo with graffiti is ritual in this island. We leave below a few graffiti  that you can capture beautiful instagram photos.

Bozcaada Graffiti Points – Click!!! 

Let’s get lost in Bozcaada’s cute sweet streets.


Bozcaada is usually preferred in summer because the bays of the island are spectacular. The island’s sea is cold but very clean. According to us, sea of the Bozcaada is one of the top 3 in Turkey. If you want to learn swimming points in Bozcaada, just click on the link below!

Bozcaada Swimming Points-Clickkk!


The local food on the island is usually appetizers and fishes. After you swim all the day and you deserve a nice dinner. We have compiled the island’s delicious guide for you.

Bozcaada Delicious Guide- Click here please!


We came to Bozcaada, ate our toast, swim inthe beautiful sea, meanwhile we had gummy cookies and coffee breaks. There is something we must do before the dinner. Bozcaada sunset ritual! Bozcaada Polente Sunset is a must for our holiday! Wind turbines on one side, sea and sunset on the other side. Incredibly pleasant, incredibly peacefulÔÇŽ 

If you take your loved one, your spouse, your friend and a tiny music speaker and small snacks (chips, sodas, chocolates …), you do not need any other things, just enjoy the sunset. Meanwhile, there are also places that prepares special menus for the sunset. We did not examine deeply, but we saw the Dada BozcaadaÔÇÖs sunset basket advertisemens. Those interested can look. You can sit on the floor in Polente , but if you do not prefer to sit groung, you can take your portatif seats. 

The environment is very nice but sometimes it can be very crowded. Especially during peak season, vehicles can clog the sunset road and you may have to walk. That is why we advise you to be there a bit early and enjoy the sunset for a long time.

End of the day :).

Bozcaada, formerly known as Tenedos, is loved very much and this is not surprising for us. As Heredot said; ÔÇśGod have created Bozcaada for people to have long lifeÔÇÖÔÇÖ and we totally agree with this saying.

If you have not yet discovered Bozcaada, we recommend you to plan a holiday as soon as possible.

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